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If you’re beginning your search for a new car, you’ll want to make sure you conduct thorough research into your options. You’ll likely own your car for at least a few years, so it’s important to make sure you love everything about it and that it’s well equipped to meet your unique lifestyle needs. That’s why our team at Andy Mohr Ford has put together a collection of vehicle reviews of our most popular Ford models.2018 ford explorer


When you read through our reviews before buying, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to do your vehicle research. You’ll be able to quickly find the Ford model that’s the best for your commutes around Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Avon. The process will be easy and stress-free because you’ll find everything you need to know condensed into one convenient resource. You’ll also enjoy your car more after you drive it off the lot since you will have done the proper research to ensure the car has the features and capabilities you want. You may even discover features you didn’t even know you wanted!

What to Expect

Inside each of our vehicle reviews, you’ll find tons of helpful information about the car. We’ll provide you with a look at what the vehicle has to offer in terms of features and specs. When you read our reviews, you’ll learn all about the most popular Ford models, such as the Ford F-150 pickup truck, Ford Escape SUV, Ford Fusion sedan, and more.

You’ll learn everything you need to know before buying, including:

  • Engine power output
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Safety ratings
  • Interior features
  • Technology offerings

Start Your Search

Now that you understand the importance of conducting some research online before you buy a new car, it’s time to get started. Click through the links on this page to discover vital information about our Ford models. Once you’ve found a model you’d like to learn even more about, contact us to schedule a test drive. We’ll have you meet with a member of our team of experts, who can tell you even more about the vehicle and get you behind the wheel to test it out yourself on the roads of Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Avon.